random pairings [19]





here's what i know right now:
if you really want soft boiled eggs don't let them cook longer that 3 minutes after the water has boiled,
if you eat an english muffin while blogging you stand a good chance of getting crumbs in your keyboard,
if you take aspirin and your temperature goes UP it is not a good sign,
i am feeling sorry for myself.

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Blogger Bruce Grant said...

Periodically, I tilt my keyboard and blow under the keys with compressed ozone-destroying gas...and it's just plain gross what falls out.

(Good news, however: if you spill red wine on your keyboard and *quickly* blow the keyboard out with aforesaid gas, then put in a gas oven with just the pilot light burning overnight, chances are very good that a complete recovery can be effectuated.)

Feel better. :)))))))))))))))))))))

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Bikebreath said...

Sorry you feel lousy. Flu bugs just do that. Time is the only medicine that is sure to cure you.

I guess it was Bruce's post that reminded me of a buddy who's a geek with 5 or so computers in his house. One keyboard was so dead he figured it wouldn't hurt any worse if he put it in the dishwasher with his dishes, then in the oven on a low heat, [might just have been the pilot light like in Bruce's example]. Well, it worked and he said it was like brand new again.

Get well and all the best to you and your opening this Friday. Gosh, I hope you're better by then!


1:13 PM  
Anonymous Tomas said...

this is expressive, i get moody by the colors, patterns or something. nice shot.

4:14 AM  
Anonymous cornell said...

nice pair, it has that old and vintage look

5:47 PM  

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