tiny:for photo friday

oh dear
this word has such resonance for me, it is probably behind ¼ of the images i take and provides content for a fair amount of my journal(see above)entries.
this is actually a repost from "the other side". i rarely repost from one blog to another, i kind of think that defeats the purpose of hyperlinking, but rules are made to be broken and this little figure was made years ago because i was "tiny" and this picture was taken months ago because i was "tiny", so here it is again.
this is a version of "tiny" from a week ago; there are 100's of others on my various blogs.

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Blogger jkirlin said...



neene...small faux pas concerning YOU and your LINKS!!!!!!!!!

remind me to tell you about it.

9:46 PM  
Anonymous bsamp said...

i know...

but i'll never see you as tiny


10:13 PM  

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