and i am fortunate to be able to spend time in a place that i love

several years ago, maybe 7 or so, i started writing down, every day (well almost), 5 things that i am grateful for. over time this changed my life, it changed my perspective, it made me...
and that is a comfort and comforts can carry you through a lot of troubles.

fortunate for photo tuesday

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Anonymous joanna kossatz said...

neene, this is so so so beautiful !!
and what is written is so true !
I'll try to increase my task from 3 things a day to five...and start to write them down, as you do , maybe it could help me a bit more if a good "thought" could be consulted from time to own thoughts.
and I hug you once again
a virtual hug, but still a hugs.
see you in fotola

8:51 AM  
Blogger Bruce Grant said...

the person who made this photograph is high on my own list of things i'm grateful for

11:40 AM  

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