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i received this today from susan schwab, an artist i met through theARTproject:

"Since the hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans and Gulf coast areas (besides donating to a major charity to help in a general way) I began to think about the artists like ourselves and how we would feel if we had lost everything. I began emailing to see if there was a way to help our own community. I was sent the attached press release and learned that the CONTEMPORARY ARTS MUSEUM HOUSTON has launched an art trust to help artists effected by the storm. The museum will absorb all the administrative costs and all monies raised will go to the artists!

This is the direct link to the area of the museum site to learn about the project, to receive help or make a contribution: I spoke yesterday to the director of the museum, Marti Mayo, and after reading the material on the site it seems the best way to help those who lost studios, art supplies, art, even documentation and slides etc.

I am writing to you my artist friends far and wide to ask you to help raise funds for the artists in this region and to help contact artists you may know who need the monies and generally spread the word on this project. Just think if each of us gave only $10.00 and everyone on our email list gave that amount or more what could happen!"

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