the same blue sky




this is the sky and the wall outside my window right now,
it is the same time,
i am sitting in the same place,
i can hear planes flying overhead,
i live a mile from the site.

i don't watch tv, so i have not been inundated with remembrances
i think i will turn it on now, just to be a part of something bigger
but i don't need it to get that awful, awful feeling of shock and horror
i don't need it to cry

this was my response 4 years ago

this is my response now: reach out to the victims of katrina
i find it unfathomable that we have learned nothing in 4 years about dealing with major disasters
what happened to all the $$$ that were poured into "homeland security"?
they certainly didn't go towards creating effective evacuation plans for our major cities...

it makes me angry

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